Intellectual Property Services

The Affinity Law Group APC offers its clients a full range of intellectual property services, including strategic planning, counseling, prosecution and registration services. We assist clients in identifying intellectual property assets and formulating strategies to protect those assets. When intellectual property litigation or other disputes arise, we have the skill and experience to protect our client’s interests and obtain favorable and cost effective resolution.

We also have extensive experience in all forms of dispute resolution, including administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, trials and appeals in both the federal and state courts.

Our Firm represents a broad range of intellectual property clients, including industrial and manufacturing concerns, technology companies, Internet businesses, entertainment and sports clients, sporting goods and apparel concerns, medical and health service clients, franchisors and franchisees, electronics companies, food and restaurant clients, software development clients, telecommunications concerns, and real estate companies. Our clients include large U.S. and multinational companies, mid-sized and start-up businesses, and individuals.

The services provided by The Affinity Law Group APC include:


  • Selection and clearance of trademarks, service marks, and trade names
  • Counseling about proper trademark use
  • Filing and prosecution of federal and state trademark registrations
  • Planning and implementation of foreign trademark protection
  • Maintenance of trademark portfolios
  • Policing of adverse use of trademarks on a world-wide basis
  • Planning and implementation of anti-counterfeiting programs
  • Licensing, purchase and sale of trademarks
  • Administrative litigation involving trademark registration, including Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) matters
  • Infringement and counterfeiting litigation in federal and state courts


  • Advice regarding patentability
  • Prosecution and defense of patent infringement litigation
  • Licensing, purchase and sale of patents
  • Development and implementation of patent strategy on a world-wide basis
  • Maintenance of patent portfolios
  • International Trade Commission proceedings
  • Inter partes proceedings before the US Patent and Trademark Office


  • Advice regarding copyright protection
  • Advice about proper copyright use
  • Preparing and filing of copyright registration applications
  • Advice about fair use of copyrighted materials
  • Transactions involving copyrights, including licensing, copyright clearance, purchase and sale of copyrights
  • Prosecution and defense of copyright infringement litigation

Other Intellectual Property Services

  • Resolution of antitrust issues and disputes involving intellectual property
  • Advice about trade secret protection
  • Handling trade secret disputes and litigation
  • Advice about and litigation of advertising and marketing matters
  • Handling Federal Trade Commission matters
  • Obtaining and documenting security interests in intellectual property assets