The Affinity Law Group was founded in June 2003 to provide creative and effective representation to those businesses and individuals looking for affordable legal representation by highly skilled and experienced attorneys.

So what exactly do we do? The attorneys of The Affinity Law Group solve legal problems. If you are visiting our website, you likely already have a legal problem or issue that you need addressed. You may have been sued, or you may need to file a lawsuit. You may need advice about a trademark or copyright registration issue or infringement, you may be involved in or contemplating a business transaction or contract, or you may have an immigration matter that you need addressed.

So why should you retain us? While there many lawyers out there that you could hire to represent you and handle your legal matter, you will few other attorneys that have the unique combination of experience and personal dedication that you will find in our attorneys. We are committed to providing the very highest level of representation to our clients, no matter what it takes. And we are an equal opportunity law firm – we represent everyone from large, Fortune 500 companies to the “little guys” whose lives have been turned upside down by a legal problem. There is no client too small or too large for our firm.

The Firm’s attorneys collectively have over 30 years of experience handling literally thousands of litigation, intellectual property, and business matters of all types. We have represented our clients in hard-fought lawsuits against some of the largest firms and most skilled and aggressive attorneys in the United States and have prevailed time and again, sometimes against very long odds. We have the skill, courage and resources to try cases when trial is the only option, and we are proud that we have obtained numerous favorable trial decisions for our clients. We have registered many, many trademarks and copyrights and assisted our clients in enforcing their intellectual property rights. We have negotiated and drafted hundreds of contracts and other business agreements of every variety.

Because of our years of experience, we have been through all the battles so we are tough, tested and trusted and we know what it takes to deliver successful results for our clients in a cost-effective manner.Quite simply, our long history of superior results speak for themselves and are second to none.

Please visit the rest of our website to get to know us and to learn more information about the exceptional results we have obtained for the many individuals and businesses who have trusted our firm to solve their legal problems. After you have done so, please telephone us to discuss your own legal matter in more detail.

We provide all prospective clients with a free initial telephone consultation. We promise you that you will be comfortable speaking to us about your legal issue and that we will not give you a “sales pitch.” What we will do is give you honest information about options you have to address your legal situationand what it will cost for you to do so. When you call, you will speak to one of our attorneys who will get background information about your legal matter, explain to you what the court procedures are if you are involved in a lawsuit, and answer any questions you may have.

Please call us at 858-412-4296 (our main telephone number) or 310-601-7883 (in Los Angeles) to schedule your free initial consultation. Please send an e-mail to the Firm’s managing shareholder at if you prefer to communicate via e-mail.

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