Our Commitment To Our Clients

Our Firm’s commitment is to offer our clients individual attention and superior representation of a type that often is not available at other firms even at twice the cost. We believe it is critical to approach the representation of each of our clients from a goal-orientated perspective. In business transactions, we pride ourselves on being “deal makers” not “deal breakers.” In litigation, we provide our clients with aggressive and highly skilled representation, and we have an unsurpassed track record of obtaining superior results for our clients and taking a practical, common sense approach to legal fees. We have the flexibility to offer non-traditional billing arrangements where appropriate, such as flat fee billing, contingent fee representation and payment plans for fees.

From the outset of representation, we work closely with our clients to understand and clearly define their legal needs and objectives, and to develop a specific plan to achieve the client’s goals in the most effective yet economical way possible. At the beginning of every matter, we always first speak at length with our client so that we can understand our client’s concerns and our client’s perspective how they want their legal problem solved. We insure from the beginning that every one of our clients understands what will be involved in resolving their matter and how and when their matter will proceed to resolution, and we make sure the client fully participates in their matter at all phases.