Cases In Progress


Here are some of the interesting matters currently being handled by the Firm:

  • In a case pending in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, the Firm represents an insurance broker who has been accused of trademark infringement and trademark dilution by a large insurance company
  • The Firm is handling multiple cases before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board regarding the rights to various trademarks including matters involving a famous cosmetics trademark, a case against a well known media person and restaurant owner who has adopted a trademark in conflict with our client’s trademark, and a matter involving a trademark owned by a well known awards show
  • The Firm represents a client regarding disputed ownership of a well known trademark in the specialty travel industry
  • The Firm is handling multiple copyright infringement actions seeking recovery for photographers and authors whose copyrights have been infringed
  • The Firm represents a business owner in connection with a large insurance claim arising from a massive water intrusion into the client’s business premises
  • The Firm is handling a lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court for a client who was damaged as a result of a fraudulent real estate deal
  • The Firm represents a business in claims against a large national bank to recover monies in an account improperly frozen by the bank
  • The Firm represents a client in a breach of professional services contract case pending in San Diego Superior Court
  • The Firm currently is working with multiple clients to obtain federal trademark registrations
  • The Firm is working with a music promoter to obtain royalties for the heirs and survivors of deceased popular and rock musicians and also assists the promoter with copyright termination issues for musicians who wish to terminate copyright grants for their music.